When your fridge is totally down, you will have no other option but to call a technician to bring it back to life. But if you have noticed lately that it is stopping automatically and starting on its own, you might think that it is something peculiar! Actually, it is happening for a few reasons and here we will discuss them. But please note that some of the issues stated here will not require expert intervention. However, to fix a few critical issues, you will need to call a professional technician near you in Sydney.

  • Circuit Breaker Tripping Problem 

Sometimes, an issue with the circuit breaker can lead to your fridge automatically turning on or off. So, when this starts happening, you will need to check the breaker. You can do it all by yourself or call the electrician. At times, replacing the fuse can also solve this issue. But even if doing these does not resolve the problems, you will need to call professionals providing fridge repairs to get your appliance checked.

  • Loose Plugs

It might sound strange, but if the refrigerator plug attached to the power-point is loose, it can cause your fridge to go down, but get back up in a few minutes. This stopping and starting occur due to the disruption of power from the power-point. However, note that this sudden disruption can harm the components of your fridge. So, check whether the plug is loose. If yes, plug them properly into the socket. But if the issue persists, call fridge repair technicians.

  • Incorrect Adjustment of Thermostat

Your fridge can automatically get turned on and off on its own if the thermostat is incorrectly adjusted. So, to fix the problem, lower the setting of the thermostat so that the compressor works smoothly. But if you notice that the problem persists, you will need to call a technician carrying out fridge repairs in Sydney.

  • Dust Accumulation on Coils

Sometimes, too much dust accumulation on the coils of your fridge can cause it to stop and start automatically. 

The dust build-up affects the operation of the compressor. The latter heats up along with the motor which leads to the improper functioning of the fridge. So, clean the condenser coils with a vacuum cleaner to see if it fixes the issue, Else, call the technicians for a better diagnosis.

  • Excessive Ice Build-Up

Another reason why your fridge can start and stop on its own is due to excessive ice build-up, especially around the coils and freezer compartments. This issue is seen mainly in older refrigerators. So, you will need to defrost your fridge to get rid of the ice which will fix the issue. But if the problem still does not go away, you will need to call fridge repair experts in Sydney for an inspection.

These are the most common reasons for the automatic shut down and starting of your fridge. Anyway, follow the points mentioned to restore the normal operation.

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