One of the most common issues why our experts who are into fridge repairs are summoned is a non-functional freezer. There are 5 reasons for which the freezer malfunctions. Now it can be a single reason or combination of multiple reasons for which the freezer can malfunction.  On this page let us discuss the likely reasons. 

Packing too Much

The freezer portion of today’s refrigerators are pretty spacious. Still, when it is too much crammed it malfunctions. Hence, it is generally advised to fill up the freezer between 70% and 85%. If you go beyond while stacking it, that will invariably restrict the circulation of air. When there is not enough air circulation,, all of the cold air in the freezer will escape in some way or the other, whenever it gets an opening. That’s Why the experts offering Fridge Repairs in Seven Hills would advise keeping items uniformly spaced out towards the centre of the shelves to avoid obstructing the vents or preventing adequate airflow.

Build up of Frost 

The vents that let cold air into the freezer compartment may become blocked if frost builds up within. Nowadays, most freezers have auto defrost, but you should still make sure the door seal is intact and hasn’t been left open. If the seal is ripped or broken, you’ll need to have it replaced. A technician should check the freezer to identify the issue if the seal appears to be in good condition. You should manually thaw your freezer according to the instructions in your owner’s manual if it doesn’t feature auto-defrost.

Unclean Condenser Coils

Refrigerants entering the evaporator won’t be cooled by dirty coils, which will lead to inefficient cooling. If there is lint and dust accumulation on the condenser coils, clean them. If the coils are difficult to reach, you might need to hire a service specialist from a Refrigerator repair service to clean them.

Broken or Faulty Evaporator or/and Condenser Van 

Problems with freezer cooling may arise from a malfunctioning evaporator fan. When the fan is either faulty or broken it will prevent air from passing through the freezer cabinet. The professionals who are into Fridge Repairs in Sydney will replace the evaporator fan to bring the freezer back to life. 

A condenser fan, on the other hand, drives air across the coils, may also be present in freezers with condenser coils. When the evaporator is working and the condenser fan is not, the freezer will not cool down properly.

Failure of the Compressor

The compressor in the fridge is a pump that creates cold air by forcing refrigerant through the sealed system. The freezer will not freeze if the compressor or the compressor start relay malfunctions. It’s conceivable that the compressor is the issue if you listen to the freezer for roughly thirty minutes without hearing the recognisable hum when it works. In the event that the compressor fails, a qualified refrigeration technician is necessary. And the humming comes in every fridge, including the likes of Maytag Fridge. Hence if you have a Maytag Fridge. And one needs to hire professionals offering Maytag Fridge Repairs in Sydney to fix it. 

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