Do you exactly have the right idea about the level at which you should set your fridge temperature so that the foods inside it are safe? If the answer is no then it is vital for you to have the best information about this. By setting the temperature of your refrigerator at the correct level you will not only save the things which are inside it but also lower your energy bills. This is what the expert technicians also suggest who specialise to offer the best fridge repairs in Sydney.

There are many people who use different types of fridges in their commercial and residential spaces, restaurants, hotels, bars, coffee shops, etc. However, they do try to use it safely but the thing is that very few of them have the knowledge about the temperature setting of the refrigerator. To get the best idea about this you can go through the points that are explained in detail below.

Temperature Setting of Fridge

  1. To keep the food fresh you must set the temperature between 0°C to 4°C.
  2. The temperature of the chiller compartment should be close to 0°C.
  3. The average temperature of the fresh food compartment should be 3°C.
  4. Fruits and vegetables should be kept at 5°C. 

If by any chance you can see or sense that there is a fluctuation in the temperature you should try to troubleshoot it only after reading the manufacturer’s instructions. In case you don’t get the solution then it is better to hire experts for fridge repairs in Parramatta.

Places Where You Should Keep Things Inside Your Fridge

Fruit and vegetables are inside the fridge in the compartment or basket that is made for it. Meats on the other hand should be kept in the chiller. If you are using an old fridge which doesn’t have a chiller then you should store meat in the colder part.

While storing the things in your refrigerator you need to make sure that it is not overloaded. This might hamper the performance of your appliance and it can also increase the electricity bills. This might also lead to damage of different components which can cost you much more than what you can think. 

So the right thing you can do is use your appliance safely and in the way instructed by the manufacturer. There is no need to bang the door of your fridge while closing it or keep putting food inside if there is no space.

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