Have you ever faced this? 

You are planning to invite your friends over at the weekend. Grocery shopping is in full swing. You have made all the preparations to make the house party a grand success. But, on the fateful day, when you open the freezer, you find more than half of the food items and groceries are covered with heaps of snow. 

God no, freezer burn !! 

Have you ever wondered what a freezer burn is, and that too when you least expected it? Probably not. The party’s gone southwards now, and you’re left with nothing but a blizzard inside the refrigerator and your bank balance crying at the corner thinking of impending fridge repairs in Darlinghurst


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How Bad is Freezer Burn? 

Freezer burn can be pretty bad! 

It’s bad to the extent that you can’t differentiate between a pork chop and lamb ribs unless you put them under running water to remove the awful frost. 

The worst part? 

You can’t cook or taste freezer-burnt food. You either have to chop off the leathery, dehydrated part of the food. Or, if it’s beyond salvation, you’ll have to throw all of it at your neighbourhood dumpster, making your investment a complete waste! 

What Causes Freezer Burn? 

The thick layer of frost that you see comes from the water molecules of the food migrating towards the food edge, followed by escaping from areas exposed to air. When the trapped moisture is exposed to the air inside the bag, things can get pretty messy, as it further dehydrates the exposed food surfaces. 

The longer you keep food left inside the freezer, the more it will occur. The part that you’ll hate the most is that it leaves the appliance weaker. You not only have to restock the food items but also, commit to fridge repairs in Cecil Hills

If this isn’t bad enough, things can get pretty sour on the Northern Front. The freezer-burnt foods or groceries are awful to eat and the taste & quality diminishes to zero. You could even pick up health complications if you try to salvage some part of it. So, all you are left with is an empty freeze and a feeling of despair! 

Can Freezer Burns Be Avoided? 

There are a couple of things you can do…

The first thing that you can do is to set the temperature of your freezer to the normal setting of zero degrees. Try to maintain that temperature as steadily as possible. Secondly, avoid opening the freezer door infrequently. If you do not have a lot of items to stockpile, utilise half of the total volume. 

Most importantly, try to avoid putting perishable items to fill up the empty space. Instead, you can fill up a bottle with water instead. This will help maintain a consistent temperature, as suggested by fridge repair experts in Sydney. But, if all things go haywire, you can always rely on a refrigerator repair service. 

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