Don’t you think that buying a new refrigerator is a good decision instead of hiring a mechanic for fridge repairs in Sydney? If you have to hire a technician for repairing your fridge after every 6 months then it is better not to waste your important time and money anymore. Buying a new refrigerator is one of the best decisions you can make.

However, you need to understand what is the right time to purchase it. There are many signs which indicate you should get rid of your old cold storage box but the most vital ones are specified below. You must check out the points to get a good idea.

Fridge Repairs Sydney

Fridge Repairs Sydney

Signs Which Indicate You Should Replace Your Old Fridge

1. If you can see that the fruits, foods and vegetables are getting spoiled in the refrigerator you have just stored a day before then it is time to hire professionals for Westinghouse fridge repairs in Sydney. After careful inspection, if they are suggesting you buy a new one instead of wasting your time and money then you should listen to them.

2. Another sign is when you can hear the motor making unusual noise or haven’t heard the sound for quite some days. Due to malfunctioning appliances such a problem occurs and if you are using your fridge for more than 10 to 15 years then it is better to replace it with a new one.

3. If you can feel that your freezer is freezing more than it should then it is an indication something is not right. Such kind of problem occurs with old cold storage boxes which are also susceptible to frost buildup.

4. If the back of your fridge is hot where the motor is located then this is a big issue which you should not ignore. You must hire experts who specialise to offer the best fridge repairs in Darlinghurst to check the problem and give you the solution. But repairing is costly and you can get a new appliance by investing some additional amount then it is better to go with this option.

5. An important sign that you should not ignore is when you can feel that your electric bill is going up every month.

The team of Fridge Repair Experts is highly trained, experienced and specialise in offering quality service. One of the best parts of hiring us for refrigerator repair service near me is that we do offer 12-month flat warranty on parts. To hire our experts for refrigerator repairs in Sydney you can send us an email at You can also call on 0468 340 685 to book an appointment with our specialists for further discussion. You can trust us to fix the issue and give you a long-lasting solution which you are facing with your refrigerator.