A leaking fridge creates a lot of nuisances and if effective measure is not taken on time then, this might turn out to be costly repair damage. You might find yourself in a situation where to spend a hefty amount to bring your appliance in the best possible working condition or buy a new fridge. Hence to avoid facing such a situation a smart decision you can make is to hire a professional and experienced mechanic who is well renowned for offering quality fridge repairs in Sydney.

If you are thinking that hiring experts is a costly decision and you will fix the fridge leaking problem on your own, then you should follow the tips which are cited below in detail. You must carefully go through it to get a good idea.

  • Identify the Main Source of the Leak

The first and one of the most vital things which you need to do is identify the main source of the leak. The areas from where this kind of issue can occur are ice maker, drain pan, water dispenser, etc. You should carefully check these areas.

  • Check the Water Inlet Valve

If you have seen that the ice maker or water dispenser is leaking, then there is a high chance that there is an issue with the water inlet valve. It controls the flow of water into the refrigerator and when it gets damaged or becomes clogged, then such a situation occurs. So you need to switch off the refrigerator and unplug it, locate the water inlet valve which is at the back of the appliance. Safely remove it to check whether there is any sign of clogging or damage or not. If it is damaged then getting it replaced with a new one is a must. This is what the expert mechanics who specialise in offering quality fridge repair in Potts Point also suggests.

  • Clean the Drain Pan

If you can see that the leak is coming from the drain pan then you need to clean it as it might have clogged with mold, dirt, dust, and debris. You should safely remove the drain pan and clean it with soap and hot water. If needed you can use a mixture of water and vinegar to prevent the growth of mold.

Apart from all these the other things that you need to do are inspect the water filter

check the drain line and door gasket, etc. If you doubt whether you can perfectly manage the task and get the best possible result or not, then it is better to hire expert mechanics for fridge repair in Greenacre.

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