Freon is a commonly used compound for heat transfer to keep the internal components of the fridge remain cool and the food is preserved at the proper temperature. While freon is used inside a closed system of tubes, there can be signs of leakage. Now, freon contamination is dangerous. It compromises the freshness of your food and also adversely impacts your health. But, how will you know your refrigerator is leaking freon and it needs immediate fridge repairs in Castle Hill? You will find your answers in this blog, so keep reading. 

Your Food Stays Warm 

Most homeowners often take this sign too casually. Don’t. Unfortunately, it is a case of freon leakage and it’s not just the food that is not getting cold. You are risking a major health hazard as your stored food items, fruits, vegetables and milk are all getting contaminated. So, if you find the food feels warm even after putting it in the refrigerator for at least a while, consider a professional refrigerator inspection and fridge repairs in Parramatta

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The Motor Doesn’t Turn Off 

The thermostat inside the refrigerator ensures when the fridge temperature increases, the condenser & compressor run the freon to drop the temperature to the desired level. This occurs at routine intervals. But, if you notice the motor is constantly running, it can be a sign of freon leakage. This is forcibly causing the motor to run non-stop which can lead to the breakdown of the refrigerator. 

Foul Smells  

Refrigerator companies deliberately use refrigerants like freon to easily detect it in case of leakage. So, when you first notice an odd smell coming out of your fridge, but you can’t trace the source, chances are it is a sign of freon leakage. You must consider fridge repairs in Blacktown if there’s a leak. 

Sudden Spike in Electricity Bills 

The problem is most homeowners expect higher electricity bills in summer for cooling the house and heating in winter. So, there is no fixed way to tell if your faulty refrigerator is the culprit behind the electric bill surge. However, with careful observation, you can figure something’s been off lately. If you’ve been charged a substantial amount in the utility bills for no noticeable reason, then you can consider a professional refrigerator inspection. 

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Suffering from Unexplained Illness 

Breathing freon is a severe health hazard, and if you experience symptoms like nausea, frequent headaches or even fainting, it can be from prolonged exposure to freon. Freon in higher concentration can be fatal causing arrhythmia and palpitations. Although freon in low doses is not known to cause any long-term organ damage or carcinogenic, still there’s no point in suffering from freon exposure either. So, under these circumstances, fridge repairs in Castle Hill are advised. 

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