Fridges are meant to run 24x7x365. They are built that way and are hence stubborn enough to function that way. However, that does not mean they have an eternal life and they do not run into trouble. They do run into trouble and when they do, in most cases they demand intervention of professionals who are into fridge repairs in Parramatta or elsewhere. Now the refrigerator may underperform due to a  number of reasons. Let us discuss some of them:

Undercharging of Refrigeration System

Undercharging is one of the reasons why refrigeration systems fail to perform to their potential. When the refrigeration system is undercharged, it shows a number of telltale signs.

  • The compressor runs hot and the performance take a nosedive
  • The suction and discharge pressure drop
  • There are noticeable vapour bubbles in the condenser sight glass
  • The condenser keeps on returning low readings
  • The room where the fridge is kept gerd warmer
  • The compressor continues running for long

Undercharging is caused by leakage of refrigerant that  can take place at the seal of the shaft, the valve gaskets and the flange couplings. It can also be caused due to blockage at the evaporator or the expansion valve and can only be solved by experts offering fridge repairs in Blacktown or elsewhere near Sydney.

Overcharging of the Refrigeration System

Refrigerator systems under perform due to overcharging of the refrigerator system. And when that happens, the appliance returns a number of telltale signs. They include:

  • High reading of the condenser gauge
  • Abnormal stop and start sequences of th compressor
  • High discharge and suction pressure

Overcharging of the refrigeration system results from excessive levels of refrigerant. The only feasible solution to this issue is drainage of  the excessive refrigerant and for that, you need to hire the best professionals to offer fridge repairs in Ashfield.

Presence of Moisture in the refrigerant system

This is another reason for which your refrigerator may underperform. When there is ingress of air in the system, it is the humidity in the air, which will rise as a direct fallout resulting in the freezing of the expansion valve. Also, the presence of moisture will cause corrosion within the system.

Presence of Air in the Refrigeration System

When there is air in the refrigerant system, it causes the refrigeration system to underperform. And there are certain indicators that prove the air presence. They are:

  • There is overheating of the compressor, coupled with high discharge pressure.
  • Presence of air bubbles in the condenser sight glass
  • The compressor runs for prolonged period
  • The gauge pointer may jump indicating the presence of air

Again, you must hire a seasoned professional, offering fridge repairs in and around Sydney, to address the issue and solve it.

Oil in the Refrigeration System

This is another reason why a refrigerator may underperform and when that happens, the fridge  will return the following signs:

  • The interior of the fridge may not be as cool as it ought to be
  • There is excessive front accumulated on the suction line
  • The compressor running for prolonged periods
  • A drop in lubricant and refrigerant level

This may have been caused by a faulty oil separator, worn out linings of the compressor, or high capacity current right at the start of a refrigeration cycle.

Thus, all these are the underlying causes of an underperforming refrigerator and this can only be solved when you hire the best fridge repair company of your location. What better name can you opt for than Fridge Repair Experts, if you are in and around Sydney? Call us to fix an appointment.